Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

Nursing is an Art and ever changing. This program has shown me how traditional nursing has evolved and taken us to new heights.



What a great program and to be able to have so many valuable speakers and available to so many nurses.



The presentation is inspiring and certainly moves forward with nursing as a profession rather than just a job.


North Carolina

I have been a nurse for 33 years and see so many nurses my age choosing to resign due to difficulty keeping up with technology and the required advance education. I think it is a concern if older nurses are leaving the practice due to this because it will decrease our workforce. I enjoyed hearing about the direction nursing is going in today based on technology and the diverse culture we have presently.



This program is absolutely necessary for nurses in today’s working environment. We need to take care of ourselves just as we take care of our patients. Let’s provide us with the superior experience we deserve.



Once again, Elizabeth Scala has organized a meaningful group of professionals to enlighten nurses. The accomplished speakers all had something unique and worthwhile to share. After each and every webinar I listened to, I walked away more proud that I am a nurse.

D. Barnett


The Art of Nursing definitely reminded me to remain inspired as a nurse. I’ve always tried to lead by example and it’s nice to be supported with other like-minded individuals. The ART OF NURSING gave great suggestions to keeping us relevant in this ever-changing world of nursing. This program exceeded my expectations.



I thoroughly enjoyed the length of the presentations – it was easier to find 30 minutes and the topics were relevant, engaging and inspirational. Thank you for this wonderful series on the Art of Nursing. The webinars re-validated my passion for nursing and offered a fresh perspective on the importance of self-care.


North Carolina

The Art of Nursing series was more than I bargained for. Topics were thought provoking and refreshing. Helped remind me why I am a nurse. The topics were excellent and prompted a lot of soul searching for the positive



The conversation interviews were very helpful. The program was well organized & had a variety of relevant topics!



A good variety of subjects were addressed and presented by competent knowledgeable people. The interview style was a nice way to clarify topics



The ART OF NURSING 2.0 was terrific. The ability to attend the lectures on my own time was much appreciated!



I needed a little boost; a re-inspiration; a kick in the pants; this four days helped me to re-ignite my passion to continue to do what I love.

P Wilder


I liked that there were a variety of professionals. I could always take at least something from each and every one of them.



I loved that it was offered online, so you could complete on your own time. Program was very organized and topics were pertinent.


North Carolina

I learned so many new techniques to help not only my patients but me too!


North Carolina

I enjoyed the various different topics that were covered. There was something to gain for all nurses.



It was a convenient way to view. I actually was able to work at my own pace, and during lunch breaks. It was refreshing to learn about a variety of topics.



I really enjoyed the program and when the speakers used analogies that I could relate to in my career. So many of the items were very good reminders and refreshers to help with doing a good job as a healthcare provider as well helpful hints for my well-being. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this art of nursing program.



Elizabeth did a great job of facilitating and helping the audience to stay focused to the key points. The program more than met my expectations. I thought that I would never get through 9 videos and I couldn’t wait to find time to do the next one.



What I liked the most about this program was that each individual presenter was passionate about their topic and nursing as profession. I hear so many nurses talking about how they hate nursing and their job and some nurses are just miserable, which in turn, “rubs off” so it is nice to hear good/positive things for a change!!!



Topics and speakers were diverse yet highly applicable in day to day nursing.



I felt that the caring and resiliency aspects were helpful. The fact that there were so many great speakers and topics was wonderful! Not a boring moment!


North Carolina

I like the topics presented. It opened up my eyes to changes that can be made to my nursing practice and my floor.



After almost 40 years of hospital nursing am grateful that nurses are coming into their power with mainstream recognition that of course mind body and spirit and wellness are interconnected. We can bring this knowledge to our patients to help ease their suffering. We must also care for ourselves in order to be compassionate and competent stewards and wellness advocates for others: our patients, families and communities.



This was well worth the time it took to listen to each speaker. Once we get into our specific discipline, it is easy to lose focus of who we are as nurses. Each speaker gave valuable tools to aid us in our profession.



The Art of Nursing was an excellent and innovative way to inspire and advance my practice as a nurse. The time to create change and elevate the nursing discipline and professional voice of nurses is “now,” and I feel more motivated to do so after this learning opportunity.



The Art of Nursing Program is a refreshing breath of air reminding nurses of the caring as well as skilled roles they play in healing and promoting health and wellness by really listening to their patients and co-workers and understanding the need to also nurture themselves.



I love being a nurse and need things like this program and the experts to help me be the best nurse possible. Thank you and God Bless You! Sincerely,

Jason Solomon


Virtual information is the way of the future. Enjoyed every interview, which were detailed and passionate.


North Carolina

Elizabeth Scala was a wonderful host and very well spoken. She put a lot of work into this. This was outstanding all around!!! All of the speakers had such great qualifications and were excellent. I cannot say how much I admired everyone; Elizabeth included. I am grateful that my employer: Main Line Health has opened this up to the nursing staff.



Elizabeth, thank you for this opportunity! I truly enjoyed viewing all the videos, listening to the discussions and sharing the information with my students, who are in a military LPN program. Your program came at the perfect time for me as I struggle with the “rut” and for my students, who will soon be graduating and become those transformational leaders we need. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity!



This program assembled experts who are excellent speakers and offer current resources and tools. The ease of use of the program makes it a cost-effective alternative to attending workshops. I highly recommend this program.

Julia Balzer Riley


The Art of Nursing was packed with valuable self-care information that can help nurses cope with the demands of the profession of nursing as well as their personal life.

Erica MacDonald


This program made an impact on me personally and professionally. I will be taking these lessons with me into my future practice.



The art of nursing was my first experience with CNE’s. It was an amazing program that helped give me confidence in my new role as an RN.



Staff are sending me emails and telling me how much they are enjoying this opportunity.  It has been our best Nurse’s Week yet (and today is only Tuesday)!

Rhonda Holden, MSN, CENP

Chief Nursing Officer; Administrator Patient Care Services, Kittitas Valley Healthcare

I want to thank you for putting together the wonderful Art of Nursing program. We purchased an organizational subscription as a Nurses’ week gift for our clinical staff. They all were delighted with the program’s content, the support for their practice and personal growth, the opportunity to “meet” nursing leaders that they might not otherwise know and the chance to earn CEUs. What a great learning opportunity for each of us.

Helen Imbernino

Vice President, Clinical Solutions, Quantum Health, Inc.

Thank you for the seminar, very nicely done, extremely convenient. What I liked the best was the focus on us.

Heidi Quinn, RN

Epic ADT / Prelude Application Coordinator

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