Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

"The Art of Nursing definitely reminded me to remain inspired as a nurse. I’ve always tried to lead by example and it’s nice to be supported with other like-minded individuals. The ART OF NURSING gave great suggestions to keeping us relevant in this ever-changing world of nursing. This program exceeded my expectations."

DB from Montana

"I thoroughly enjoyed the length of the presentations – it was easier to find 30 minutes and the topics were relevant, engaging and inspirational. Thank you for this wonderful series on the Art of Nursing. The webinars re-validated my passion for nursing and offered a fresh perspective on the importance of self-care."

TB from North Carolina

"The Art of Nursing series was more than I bargained for. Topics were thought provoking and refreshing. Helped remind me why I am a nurse. The topics were excellent and prompted a lot of soul searching for the positive."

ST from Wisconsin

"Our organization and nursing leadership values education. It is important for us to not only appreciate our nursing staff, but to provide them opportunity to learn and grow. For the past three years, The Art of Nursing has been a wonderful way to celebrate Nurse's Week and the profession of nursing with our staff."

- Jayme M. Speight, MSN, RN
Education Coordinator, Akron Children’s Hospital

"Initially I saw the Art of Nursing program as a source of CE credits; a task to be completed. However, I have to say that I really enjoyed the program and the variety that it offered. It was a great reminder of all of the different things of which nurses can be a part and the impact they can have!"

-Elizabeth Mihalik, BSN, RN, CNOR

"I am glad that I was able to participate as a part of nursing week. It is good to be exposed to ideas and concepts that I don’t normally come into contact with. It is so easy, as a bedside nurse, to just put your head down and concentrate on what is in front of you, and ignore that which is all around you. You have encouraged me to “lift my head” and I thank you."

-Leslie Childers, RN, ADN, BSN, CCRN
Nursing Supervisor-Neuro Trauma ICU, Greenville Health System

"The knowledge obtained through The Art of Nursing is power."

-Deb O.,
Massachusetts Coordinator, Akron Children’s Hospital

"As a “seasoned” nurse I wondered about the relevance of the program content. I was an instant convert. Thank you… We have needed a platform like this since before we even knew it."

-Carolyn C., Nurse

"The Art of Nursing had empowering information that makes me want to make
a difference in my personal career as well as in my workplace."

-Cassandra S., RN

"Staff are sending me emails and telling me how much they are enjoying this opportunity. It has been our best Nurse’s Week yet (and today is only Tuesday)!"

Rhonda Holden, MSN, CENP
Chief Nursing Officer; Administrator Patient Care Services, Kittitas Valley Healthcare

"Thank you for the seminar, very nicely done, extremely convenient. What I liked the best was the focus on us."

Heidi Quinn, RN
Epic ADT / Prelude Application Coordinator

"I want to thank you for putting together the wonderful Art of Nursing program. We purchased an organizational subscription as a Nurses’ week gift for our clinical staff. They all were delighted with the program’s content, the support for their practice and personal growth, the opportunity to “meet” nursing leaders that they might not otherwise know and the chance to earn CEUs. What a great learning opportunity for each of us."

Helen Imbernino
Vice President, Clinical Solutions, Quantum Health, Inc.

"The speakers were very knowledgeable about their topics of discussion and gave a refreshing perspective of nursing as a whole."

- Caitlin Sabino, RN, BSN,
Akron Children’s Hospital

"Great program! It is wonderful to be able to complete this at your own pace! Thank you!"

-Heather W., RN

"I appreciated the opportunity to engage in the nursing practice curriculum in the manner provided by the Art of Nursing. Much thanks!"

-Lillian K., Ohio

"2017 Art of Nursing was GREAT! It was so focused on me as a nurse but also a person!!!"

-Julia W., Pennsylvania

"The Art of Nursing program gathered leaders in the nursing profession to present thought provoking subjects on the care we are called to do. The care of ourselves, fellow nurses, new nurses, more seasoned nurses, patients and families."

-Brittany Medlin, BSN, RN
Simpsonville, SC

"I highly recommend The Art of Nursing Program, which presented a broad array of topics, as well as being clinically relevant, regardless of your clinical area of practice."

-Margaret B., RN

"I felt that the Art of Nursing program gave me some great information that I had not previously been exposed to in my continuing education or work experience.!"

-Angela Reel, RN, BSN, CCRN

"Just what I needed. Loved the self-care and joy presenters. We need to take care of ourselves!!!!"

-Rhonda S., Washington

"A very worthwhile course full of information that can be applied to all branches of nurses!"

-Rhonda Winner, RN, BSN, Home Hospice, Kaiser Permanente,
Redmond, Washington

"The Art of Nursing is an easy way to enhance your nursing skills and keep up with current and future trends in nursing. Every nurse has a responsibility to be a leader, change maker, and set an example for those we care for. The Art of Nursing gives nurses the knowledge, tools, and resources to fulfill our responsibilities. Thank you, Elizabeth, for an outstanding program. I am already looking forward to 2018."

-Laurie Laugeman, RN, BSN, HNB-BC

"This was my third year with the Art of Nursing Program and I already can’t wait for next year. The speakers have tremendous value and I always take away numerous suggestions to better myself personally and professionally."

-Donna Barnett, RN, Burlingame, California
Redmond, Washington

"The Art of Nursing program was one that hit close to home, in terms of presenting
topics that were applicable to any nurse working in various roles and positions. The program made me stop, look, and think about how I was performing at work with minimal sleep and how that affected my colleagues and productivity. It also made me more aware of the impact that my colleagues had on me and the work environment when they were not taking care of themselves. There was so much to gain from the program. I walked away with the thought of me not caring for myself for so long that I had to retrain myself to take care of ME first in order that I could be more productive at caring for others in my circle of family, friends, and colleagues."

-Renee Maeweather-Reed MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Trauma ICU, Greenville Health System
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