Jackie Levin

Jackie Levin RN, MS, AHC-BC, NC-BC works as nurse shaman, energy healer, wise-woman guide and writer reshaping healthcare by helping health professionals, mostly nurse coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs, manifest and live their truest calling.

Jackie’s studies with master teachers in Holistic Nursing, Intuitive Medicine, Shamanistic Arts, Indigenous Wisdom Traditions led her to create transformative programs that combine the power of mindful awareness and time in nature which Jackie offers through blog and vlog posts, the mindfulness program, Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease, and through her nature-based coaching work, The Medicine Walk of Transformation.

2018 Speaker Topic and Objectives

Out of the Fray: Reducing Stress with Mindfulness Practices for Greater Resilience at Work


  1. Describe the role of mindfulness in your resilience
  2. Identify personal emotional triggers for increased energy and joy
  3. Experience Mindfulness awareness practice

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