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When is the Program?

The program kicks off Nurses Week on Monday, May 7! For the first four days of Nurses Week, 3 videos will be released throughout the day, totaling twelve for the week. We understand that nurses are very busy, so we will keep the program open to earn CNE credits until the end of August.

Who Can Participate?

The Art of Nursing is for nurses and nursing students and can be purchased by individuals or organizations. Every nurse and nursing student can participate when it’s convenient for them. Any shift, anytime, days, nights and part-time!

How is the Program Accessed?

You can participate in the Art of Nursing program directly through the AON website. If you are an organization purchasing for your staff, participants can access the program on the Art of Nursing website (with a custom login) or your organization’s Learning Management System. Contact Elizabeth to learn more.

What is Included?

12 video webinars Any busy nurse can access on their own time 4 supportive conference calls Providing motivation, inspiration, and connection A conference PDF workbook 9 Potential CNE’s Once you purchase the program, all of the materials are yours to keep and enjoy.

Giving Nurses the Gift of Education is Evidence Based


Educational offerings rank at 65%, compared to others for Nurses Week Celebrations!

Nurses Want Substance
 “They want substance not trinkets. Gifts, food, and certificates are not necessary.”

Builds High-Performance Cultures
“Information gained on nurse preferences for activities or items often associated with nurses week celebrations found most RNs interested in educational programs focusing on clinical and professional development. Support for such activity has multiple benefits. Not only does it respond to RN core values, it also provides opportunity to build high-performance cultures and address institutional educational objectives.”

Featuring Education Expands the Employee Collective Knowledge
“Making education a feature of nurses week sends an important message. Astute administrators recognize that no asset adds greater potential for an organization than the collective knowledge of its employees.”

Provides Meaningful Recognition
In the 2005 report of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses documenting ways to improve nurse work environment, ‘‘meaningful recognition’’ is one of the 6 standards endorsed. The report cautions nurse leaders to avoid tokenism and instead build recognition that fits institutional culture.” 

Hensinger B., BSN. Parry J., MSc, BSN, RN. (2008). An Evidence-Based Approach to Nurses Week Celebrations. The Journal of Nursing Administration. Volume 38, Number 4, (pp 172-177).

Benefits Of The Program

  • Decrease nurse burnout & increase staff satisfaction
  • Give the gifts of professional development & lifelong learning
  • Appreciate ALL nursing staff (even nights) in a meaningful way
  • Fun, easy, and convenient participation for EVERY nurse!

Here’s some of the feedback on this Nurse’s Week program:

Our organization and nursing leadership values education. It is important for us to not only appreciate our nursing staff, but to provide them opportunity to learn and grow. For the past three years, The Art of Nursing has been a wonderful way to celebrate Nurse’s Week and the profession of nursing with our staff.

Jayme M. Speight, MSN, RN,

Education Coordinator, Akron Children’s Hospital

Thank you so much for offering The Art of Nursing.  You advertise ‘Keeping Pace with the Profession’-  my comment is that The Art of Nursing exceeds the pace the nursing.  It was truly an exceptional program.  If I had my way I would make it mandatory for all nurses. I was able to learn about current and future trends in nursing.  I gained insight into areas of nursing that I am unfamiliar with and found out we share many similarities. I am looking forward to 2017 and will keep telling all my colleagues and leadership team about it.

Laurie Laugeman RN, BSN, HNB-BC

My first thoughts were ok if I get some CE’s that would be grand, but then thinking about the requirements thinking will it be worth my free time to participate. There certainly is not time in a usual day of taking calls to do much else but answer the phone. After day 2 my mind set changed to hey think of the possibilities for adaptation to my work environment. Change happens on a continuum and who else but staff to have input and offer changes that benefit us as well as the patients. Each offering is unique and pertinent to nursing practice no matter your employment setting. Nursing is a continual learning process and this provides one more avenue of thinking out of the box about yourself and your patients.

Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt

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Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN is a Johns Hopkins-trained Registered Nurse, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and consultant on burnout prevention for nurses in all specialties. She is the CEO of and founder of The Art of Nursing—a Nurse’s Week program providing education and inspiration at dozens of hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. Her online community of over 15,000 nurses has allowed her to teach the lessons in this program in the real world of professional nurses and their rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Elizabeth’s articles are frequently posted on,, and She has consulted with or been a featured speaker for the South Dakota Nurses Association, the American Holistic Nurses Association, the National Nurse’s Health Institute, and many more.

Elizabeth is also a Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Masters’ degrees in both Business and Nursing.

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