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    Dear (Recipient),  

    I’ve been following a nurse from Maryland, Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, for some time. In addition to her blog and podcast, she’s the author of two inspiring books about nursing.

    This week I found out about an innovative way to celebrate Nurse’s Week that would also help us meet our staff development and education goals.

    It’s an online program called The Art of Nursing. This is the fifth year Elizabeth will be hosting the event and it looks excellent!

    I’ve taken a look at the website ( and there are some really awesome topics being offered, including leadership skills, communication techniques, trends in clinical topics and some self-care, coping, and resilience strategies.

    I think it could be a really fun way to celebrate Nurse’s Week… AND, we could actually offer something to our staff that everyone can enjoy. (You know how the night shift is frequently saying how they don’t feel included in these types of events?)

    I understand that Nurse’s Week seems far off at this point, however, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to be really strategic and proactive as we look at our 2018 calendar and the upcoming Nurse’s Week celebration.

    You can learn more here I hope you’ll consider bringing this to our organization so that we can enjoy this type of professional development program in a really innovative way.

    Click here to download a pdf about the 2018 Art of Nursing program and how it works.

    Thanks so much!   (Your Name)