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The 5 Benefits of Resilience in Nursing

Five Benefits of Resilience in Nursing These days, between burnout and bullying, there is an even greater need for resilience in nursing. Whether it is a difficult shift, a nasty coworker, a rude patient, or even a question of whether or not you can continue at the...

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Top 10 Leadership Skills for Nurses

Leadership Skills for Nurses With the ever-changing healthcare environment, today more than ever leadership skills for nurses are important. In order for nursing teams to enjoy both a healthy workplace and positive patient outcomes- it is imperative that nurses are...

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Dear Nurse Leader… I Am Afraid.

Dear Nurse Leader... I Am Afraid. No matter how much a nursing leader does to be approachable for nursing staff- the truth of the matter is that clinical nurses, new graduate nurses, or newly hired nursing staff are intimidated by nurse leaders. Don't believe me?...

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5 Productivity Tips for Nurse Leaders

Productivity Tips for Nurse Leaders Nursing leaders are extremely busy people. With the meetings, travel, nursing staff, and dozens more... there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done. However, there are processes and procedures that nurse...

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How to Be a Role Model in a Healthy Work Environment

How to Be a Role Model in a Healthy Work Environment Nurses are the most trusted profession. As a fellow nurse, I am sure you are as aware of the fact that our profession is often in the ‘spotlight’. Our work involves daily interaction with diverse groups of people,...

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Build a Nursing Team You Can Be Proud Of

Healthcare Doesn't Happen in a Vacuum Although we all have had days where we feel as though we are the only one at work getting anything done, let's be honest. No one can work in healthcare alone. In fact, I was at a conference last fall and heard one of the speakers...

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Who Else Wants Healthier Workplaces?

The Heart of Healthcare Nurses provide around-the-clock care for patients and their families. As a nurse, you give of yourself to another person day in and day out. No matter where you work, whatever kind of nursing role you do, the profession of nursing itself can be...

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For Nurses on the Verge of Making a Mistake

A Nursing Mistake You are a new nurse, just six months off of orientation, working on a busy surgery unit. It is evening shift and one of your patients has a heart medication scheduled for 5 pm. You go into the room to pass the med and the patient asks you if you can...

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Help! I Don’t Know Where My Nursing Career is Headed!

Help! I Don’t Know Where My Nursing Career is Headed!

How many nurses can say with surety where their nursing career is headed? For some there is clear trajectory towards their goals. For others, contemplating their goals is often superseded by the exhaustion they feel from the job they already have.

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Hit “REFRESH” on Your Nursing Career

Hit “REFRESH” on Your Nursing Career! The nursing profession has countless opportunities for nurses and shifting your career can renew your passion for this limitless career. Here are five tips for enjoying your professional practice.

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Why The Art of Nursing for Nurse’s Week?

Why The Art of Nursing for Nurse’s Week? The Art of Nursing is an online program that celebrates nurses during Nurse’s Week in a meaningful way. Educational, inspiring, and full of fun The Art of Nursing is a great gift for each and every nurse.

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