Beth Boynton

Beth Boynton, RN, MS is an author, speaker and medical improv practitioner who specializes in communication, collaboration, and workplace culture.  She uses improv activities to teach essential skills in these areas and believes they are critical steps towards safer care, optimal patient experiences, and rewarding careers.  Her 3rd book, “Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication” is a train-the-trainer resource designed to help healthcare professionals teach fundamental activities that can bring about profound and positive change.  She is also known for her blog, “Confident Voices” and youtube:  “Interruption Awareness:  A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety”.

2018 Speaker Topic and Objectives

Introducing Medical Improv: A New Teaching Strategy for Developing Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills


  1. Explain how Medical Improv is an important experiential teaching strategy distinct from improv comedy
  2. Describe the principles of Medical Improv and their relevance to building critical interpersonal skills in nurses.
  3. Demonstrate two Medical Improv activities that can be used to develop assertiveness and listening skills.

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