Art of Nursing Program 2017 Speaker Profile

Shanina Knighton, PhD Candidate, RN

Shanina Knighton, PhD Candidate, RN

Shanina Knighton is a registered nurse, National VA Quality Scholars PhD Nursing Fellow, Legacy Fellowship, Jonas Veteran Healthcare Scholar and PhD Candidate focusing her quality improvement work and research on patient hand hygiene and infection prevention. As a clinical bed-side nurse for the past several years, she repeatedly observed patients’ deficient hand hygiene practices.

She coaches medical and nurse practitioner residents in primary care on various quality improvement projects. She works on interprofessional research studies and since 2013 has worked as a graduate research assistant including projects for multiple NIH-funded grants. She is the co-author of the Patients’ Four Moments for Hand Hygiene Model proposed in a 2015 study. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, and visionary always looking for ways to improve health through human-centered design.

Presentation Date: May 10, 2017
Topic: The Importance of Nurse Scholars to Healthcare (Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, Research)

  • Define the purpose of Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, and Research and each of the scholarly inquiry’s impact on nursing practice
  • Provide examples of how knowledge from scholarly inquiry can transform nursing’s role in various industries
  • Describe how the nurses role in scholarly work can improve patient care