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Celebrate Nurse’s Week

by Giving Your Nurses the Best Gift Possible:

Reignite their Love of Nursing

Nursing is a profession filled with wisdom and expertise. Yet, for too long we’ve attempted to fix problems like staff turnover and burnout with the same mindset that created them. NOW is the time for change. NOW is the time for some fun, creative, out-of-the-box thinking!

The Art of Nursing is a digitally packaged, online conference that provides busy nurses with leadership skills, communication techniques, clinical trends, coping and self-care, and more!

It’s an exclusive gathering of nurse educators, speakers, and consultants with specific knowledge and expertise to help your nursing team get back to the healing, patient-focused practice envisioned by Florence Nightingale.

Who is this for? The Art of Nursing is designed for organizations that rely on nurses to fulfill their mission –  hospitals, nursing groups and associations, and nursing schools.
How is this going to help your organization? In the workplace, poor health-promoting behaviors in nurses were linked to stress, illness, increased health care costs, obesity, turnover, errors, and poor-quality care. This program will help your nursing staff reignite their passion for nursing, manage workplace stress, become more efficient in their work, and step into a greater leadership role. Participants will also qualify for CNE hours.

The Art of Nursing Covers Three Key Areas



Your nurses will learn to communicate more effectively with their patients and colleagues so they can delegate appropriately and know how to handle difficult conversation.


Nurse Empowerment

Nurses will discover how to show up as effective leaders at work. They will be more confident in the workplace and feel inspired about the role they play in the healthcare system.


Health and Wellness

Nurses will gain valuable tools to decrease stress and improve their health. This leads to less turnover and burnout, and helps you employ a more energized workforce.

Before I share the details with you …

let’s hear what some of last year’s 2,400+ participants had to say:

“I needed a little boost; a re-inspiration; a kick in the pants; this four days helped me to re-ignite my passion to continue to do what I love.”

Pauline Wilder RN MSN AHN-BC TBP

“The Art of Nursing event served as meaningful stress relief and inspiration during Nurses Week. From start to finish, this event focused on tips, tools, and strategies to help prevent caregiver fatigue. Thanks so much for this authentic event that was truly focused on the health and wellness needs of nurses.”

Erica MacDonald RN, BSN, MSN

“This program assembled experts who are excellent speakers and offered current resources and tools. The ease of use of the program makes it a cost-effective alternative to attending workshops. I highly recommend this program.”

Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC

“Elizabeth Scala presents a well-integrated approach to continuing nursing education utilizing current topics and drawing from a diverse cross section of nursing professionals.”

-LM, Wisconsin

The Art of Nursing made me appreciate what I do. It’s not just about the skills but the compassion for people as well. The program was well organized. It’s a modern way to connect with nurses all over the country.”

– Rose Mae Lopez, RN, BSN; Youngstown, OH

“How would I describe the Art of Nursing? Motivational, inspirational, educational, enjoyable, enlightening, and worthwhile. My favorite part of the program was the proud feeling I walked away with after I listened to all the speakers. The motivation and inspiring interviews reiterated why I went into this profession.”

– Donna Barnett, RN; California


“This Art of Nursing definitely reminded me to remain inspired as a nurse. I’ve always tried to lead by example and it’s nice to be supported with other likeminded individuals. the AON gave great suggestions to keeping us relevant in the ever changing world of nursing. This program exceeded my expectations”

– DB, Montana


“The nurses who presented at the Art and Science of Nursing conference are really living their passions and walking their talk. The mood of the series was always positive and upbeat. The can do attitude is inspiring and contagious. A huge thank you and hugs.”

– Pauline Wilder, RN MSN AHN-BC TBP


“Good advice and nice summaries at the end of each day. Thank you for organizing this program. I found it both useful and mobilizing.”

– Lori M., Washington


“All of the resources are very helpful. Thank you very much for such an energizing and thoughtful education session.”

– Cheryl Christ-Libertin, DNP, CPNP-PC, Evidence-based Practice Coordinator


“Thank you for the seminar, very nicely done, extremely convenient. What I liked the best was the focus on us.”

– Heidi Quinn, RN, Epic ADT/Prelude Application Coordinator


“I thoroughly enjoyed the length of the presentations – it was easier to find 30 minutes and the topics were relevant, engaging and inspirational. Thank you for this wonderful series on the Art of Nursing. The webinars re-validated my passion for nursing and offered a fresh perspective on the importance of self-care.”

– TB, North Carolina


“The Art of Nursing was full of inspiring, as well as practical, presentations that would help any nurse with their practice or career. But you knew that. What you did not know was that this seminar was flawlessly planned and executed. Elizabeth Scala’s commitment to purpose, technology, organization and creativity was clearly demonstrated by this program. This program is at the leading edge of what nursing education shall and will be in the future. With a generous mix of live phone calls, (interspersed with videos and emails), I never felt alone. Sorry to see the seminar end, I look forward to the next event that Elizabeth produces.”

– Susan Rose MSN, RN, Adjunct Professor, Penn State University, Nursing Informatics


“The Art of Nursing 2.0 series was more than I bargained for. Topics were very thought provoking and refreshing. Helped remind me why I am a nurse. The topics were excellent and prompted a lot of soul searching for the positive.”

– ST, Wisconsin


The Art of Nursing At A Glance


Contact Hours

CNE Certificates

Hours of Content

So, What’s Included?

Twelve 30-minute Webinars

I have interviewed some of the finest nursing experts across the country. In keeping with this year’s theme, ‘Navigating the Shifts in Healthcare’, each faculty member has been chosen based on their area of expertise. We will hear from 12 nurse leaders on the topics of Leadership, Communication, Technology and Self-Care.

Four 30-minute Evening Wrap-Up Calls

Each day, my evening co-host and I will get onto a conference line and debrief the video webinars of that day. Participants will have a chance to review key themes, share insights and ask questions on the daily topics.

Conference PDF Workbook

Each participant will receive their very own copy of the complementary workbook. Inside they will find handouts, self-reflective exercises, articles and much more that supplements what they will be enjoying via the videos and conference calls.
Bonus Materials and Goodies Last year each participant received a few bonus gifts during the week. While these are kept surprise as a means to share an extra ‘treat’, you can imagine things like audio meditations, eBooks, and much more will be gifted to your nursing staff.


Bonus Materials and Goodies

Last year each participant received a few bonus gifts during the week. While these are kept surprise as a means to share an extra ‘treat’, you can imagine things like audio meditations, eBooks, and much more will be gifted to your nursing staff

And there’s more!
As an added bonus, The Art of Nursing applies to the Maryland Nurses Association (an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation) for CNE hours for participants.

For the past 3 years, The Art of Nursing has been successful in their application to award credit hours for completing the Art of Nursing  to those participants who request it.

Our 2016 Art of Nursing Guest Speakers

Our 2015 Art of Nursing Guest Speakers

Our 2014 Art of Nursing Guest Speakers

Metrics & Measurements

2016 Metrics

From our 2016 evaluations; here is how Nursing staff have rated themselves BEFORE and AFTER The Art of Nursing

BEFORE The Art of Nursing

Leadership Skills
Communication Skills
Teamwork Skills
Technology Skills
Self-Care Skills

AFTER The Art of Nursing

Leadership Skills
Communication Skills
Teamwork Skills
Technology Skills
Self-Care Skills

2015 Metrics

How would you rate the overall program?


Did the program meet with your expectations?


Download our supporting documentation from 2015:

2015 Stats
Benefits and Feedback

Was the program well organized?


The Art of Nursing is Brought to You by
Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN
Reigniting the Passion for Nursing

Nursing is a phenomenal profession, a beautiful blend of art and science. Every nurse is blessed with a gift to compassionately care on a daily basis. We must take care of our caregivers for they truly are healing our globe. Global transformation is possible, but it starts at the individual level. Together we will change the profession of nursing, from the inside out.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping nurses enjoy their nursing careers and embrace self-care. She speaks and writes regularly on the topic of nurse well-being and hosts a weekly podcast related to career resilience.

Elizabeth is also a Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Master’s degrees in both Business and Nursing.

She has authored two award-winning books (Nursing from Within and Your Next Shift) and has written for Scrubs Magazine, the Nurse Together website and Reflections on Nursing Leadership Magazine.